• chimp

    Keepstream Has Been Acquired By Infochimps!

    We are excited to announce that we are joining forces with Infochimps, leading API provider and data marketplace! Together we’ll develop exciting new data products and help Infochimps continue to rock the world of Big Data. Thank you so much for helping us craft Keepstream into a […]

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  • monkey

    Hackapalooza Austin – Building Apps With the Lollapalooza API

    It’s a HACKATHON to build cool apps with the Lollapalooza API, brought to you by Keepstream and Hurricane Party. Why? Because it’s a chance to win some really awesome stuff!!! Saturday, May 28th – 10am to 10pm HurricaneStream 906 E 5th Suite 210 More details […]

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  • Wordpress Embed Complete

    Embedding Keepstream into Self-Hosted WordPress (and most other blog platforms)

    Embedding a Keepstream collection widget into your blog is pretty consistent from one platform to another, with one big exception being Tumblr. This post will show you how to embed the widget into a self-hosted WordPress.org blog, but the steps will be almost exactly the […]

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  • Tumblr Embed Complete

    Embedding Keepstream into Tumblr

    Did you know you can embed a Keepstream collection widget into Tumblr? It’s super easy – here’s how: Step 1: Grab the embed code. Step 2: Create a Video post. Step 3: Paste the embed code. Step 4: Enjoy!

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  • SXSW Session Guide

    SXSW 2011 Sessions Guide on Keepstream

    SXSW is just around the corner and there are going to be millions of tweets flying left and right related to the event. By nature though, Twitter is fleeting, and nearly all those conversations will quickly disappear. That’s why Keepstream will be hand-picking all the best […]

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  • hashable

    Hashable lessons learned: iteration, simplification, and social strategy

    Last night, Keepstream co-founder Jim England took a few minutes to attend the Hashable Happy Hour in Austin, TX. CMO Emily Hickey and VP of Biz Dev Jane Kim were on hand to demonstrate their product and lead an engaging conversation on the future of […]

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  • sxswcollection

    New Feature: Embed Widget 2.0

    When you save and organize content, it is a no-brainer that you’d like to distribute that content somewhere else as well. Whether its chatter from a conference hashtag, tweets from a breaking news event, or industry article links, that content is aimed at a certain […]

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  • diggsite

    The Evolution of Digg [SCREENSHOTS]

    I had a thought cross my mind. I never really used Digg much – not now or in the past. So I never really got to see how the site evolved over time. So I dugg (haha.) back through web time using a really cool […]

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  • Twitter Favorites

    Organize Your Twitter Favorites [VIDEO]

    Twitter Favorites Suck. Keepstream Can Help. Favoriting is a ubiquitous Twitter feature that lets you flag a tweet as being something worth saving. But it’s just one raw chronological stream. That makes it almost impossible to find and share those awesome pieces of content that […]

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  • chatbubbles

    Twitter Chats and Hashtag Conversations

    Firstly, Twitter chats are awesome. A great dialogue is made possible because such a wide variety of people can participate. And since the nature of Twitter is very open and public, you can just watch the hashtag and still benefit from the tips and conversations. […]

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